Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Applique block done

Just completed my block for the group's raffle quilt, which will be ready before Christmas, hopefully. The block is one by Robert Callaham -"Hamstel Road Memories" - and I've done this a few times before, but always for someone else's quilt. One day, I've promised myself I'll do one for me! I'm really getting into hand applique at the moment. Since I went to a couple of talks, one by Shirley Bloomfield, and the other by Clare Kingslake, I've learned a couple of things that have improved my work, like using silk thread for the stitching, because it's pretty much invisible!


  1. This is beautiful, so does it get stitched together with others?

    1. Thank you - Yes there are quite a few different blocks, which will be stitched together to make a sampler quilt. Picture to follow when it is all complete!