Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Spent a happy half hour the other day dyeing some buttons using disperse dyes. Super speedy results and lovely deep colours. It's hard to believe they all started out white or cream!

So this inspired me to sort through my Big Tin of Buttons. They came from various places, including my mum's and my aunt's collections, so I sorted through them, ditched the rubbish, and put them in jars, in different colour groups. Then I covered the jar lids in fabric and lace trim. They now look great on my windowsill and I'll be more inclined to use them!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lots of Comfy Cushions


Feeling good because I made an orphan piece of patchwork into a cushion a few weeks ago. It was a foundation pieced experiment that languished in a bag for years. I love the way the black fabric sets off the bright colours.

Here's another one, made with fabulous fabric from The Dyebag ( It was designed for a day workshop on designing with leaves. All the students got on well and most made 2 cushion tops - a positive and a negative from their own original design. A few examples......