Saturday, 28 April 2012

I haven't posted on here for 6 months - I can't believe it's been so long! I refreshed the look of the blog today - it will probably change again until I'm satisfied, if I ever am!

I have been busy with various textile related things in the past months, but not everything can be posted yet. All the same - here's a little catch up...

The piece I started last year inspired by the local church was finished in time for Christmas, and here's a photo...
It's made from silk, appliqued and quilted, with glitzy fabric shapes added here and there.

I have also been busy with the Quilt Judging Course. The first module is finished, so I'm moving on to the second one.

The journal quilt plan has not happened - no time!. And I'd rather not dash something off half heartedly, then regret not doing it properly.

I've been involved with the Quilts4London project, where 14000+ pennants have been made in order to give one to every participant in the Olympics and Special Olympics.

Our local group is working on a couple of projects- a Round Robin, and a Mystery Quilt. For obvious reasons, I can't post any pictures of the Round Robin, although I am enjoying it very much, but the Mystery Quilt is my design, so I can post photos of where the project has got to so far.

The centre block - a straightforward Churn Dash...

....was turned on point.....

.....then a border made from foundation pieced cornerstones and rectangles....more to follow!

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